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Family Picture

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The One With November

After October comes November.
And November brought a lot more craziness in with it's cold weather.
Simplot started commissioning their new Idaho plant, which Eric has been hired at. So in addition to working at the Nampa Plant and shutting it down, Eric was also going to the Idaho Plant several times a week for 12 hour shifts for about a week there. In his first week splitting time between the two I think he logged about 80 hours of work. It would have been spectacular if he was paid hourly instead of salary. Oh well, at least he has a job, that is more than some can say. 
The following two weeks he worked only at the Idaho Plant getting it up and running, BUT he was working 5-6 twelve hour shifts in a row and he was pulling the night shift so he worked 4pm until 4am. Well this essentially resulted in the kids and I not seeing him for the entire two weeks because he would be sleeping (having just gotten home from work) when I got the kids up and ready for work and school, then he would be up and gone to work at 4pm before the kids and I returned from work/school. It was a little bit crazy. I am getting more used to being a pretend "single mom" for these extended periods of time. Not that I want to be a single mom and not that my week long stints of it compare in any way to those who do it permanently, but as our kids get older I am finding they are becoming easier and easier to take with me places. 

November also brought with it the end of soccer season.
It was a LONG season. 
I don't even know why since it was the same amount of games as the Spring season, but it just seemed longer. And as sad as I am to not watch Parker play soccer every weekend I am not so sad about not having to get up super early to bundle three kids up and sit by myself with two little kiddos who keep trying to run away in the freezing cold. That I will not miss. 
Parker finished out the last game by making six goals himself and getting three balls to the face . . . . but somehow no bruising, which was good! Can you say stud!!

Later in November I had a girls weekend with my lady friends back at Jenn's cabin in Garden Valley. It is always so nice to get away, even for 24 hours, and spend some time unwinding and having good old fashioned fun.
The next weekend the four of us went to the So You Think You Can Dance Tour at Taco Bell Arena. It was once again a blast to go out with friends. And although I thought I was in love with So You Think You Can Dance, no one can compare to my Georgia friend Kelsey and her obsession.

The rest of November's happenings probably deserve their own posts. Stay tuned!

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