Family Picture

Family Picture

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The One with the Double UP

Currently I am in week seven (of nine) of my final block of classes to finish my Associates in Health Administration. It is pretty exciting to be almost done with this degree finally, and move onto the bachelor's program.

I'm twenty-five, I'm a little old (at least I feel like) to not have my bachelor's degree yet. I am also super inpatient, and super ready to get started in my career field. I know I could go out and find a job with my AHA but I know I could find a better paying one with my BHA. But here's where the inpatience comes in. All the credits I started when I was at BYU-I were for a Biology degree, so nothing is really transferring over. Which means to finish my bachelor's I have another two years.

I don't want to wait to years though.

So instead I have spoken to my counselors and we are doubling up classes for my bachelor's program so I can be done with it in a year.

I thought things were a little hectic now . . . . I can only assume they will get slightly more hectic with this new method, but I know it's worth it. With any luck I'll be done with my master's when I'm 27. I like the sound of that!

The One with the Frenuloplasty

Surgery time at the Marshall house, right? I know that's what you're all thinking. I don't know what it is with our little family, but there's always something medical happening it seems like. Or maybe it's that we're always paying off medical things that have happened. The payments last oh so much longer than the procedure, that is for sure. That is my favorite part of Eric's job having such awesome benefits. We rarely find ourselves in a situation where we have to make payments for longer than a couple months. It is awesome. I am so glad to finally be done with individual insurance plans!

We had to be to the surgery center with Pax at 6:30. That is so early. Especially since it takes us 30 minutes to drive there. That means up at 5 for Mom! SUPER FUN! It was nice at least that we didn't have to worry about trying to keep Pax happy without eating for hours.

He went in, he had surgery, it took about 20 minutes, and the anesthesiologist brought him out himself. Of course Pax was already crying. In the SWIDENT surgery center the nurses always talk about hwo most babies just sleep when they come out of surgery. A nurse brings them out, puts them in your arms, and they are just asleep and slowly wake up.

I call crap.

At least for all of our kids. Every single one of them wakes up screaming and flailing. It makes me feel slightly bad for the other patients since there is only a thin curtain separating the rooms. We eventually got him calmed down enough to go home.

He has one stitch in his top lip and one under his tongue. I don't think he has any idea what to do with his tongue - it's such a new thing for him. He hasn't quite figured out how to suck on his bottle well again. And other than a few bites of pudding he hasn't eaten anything baby food-ish either. It's okay though, I know we'll get him back into the swing of things.

As of right now, I am beyond ecstatic for bed tonight. Instead of sleeping off all the anesthesia last nigt Pax decided to stay up all night, forcing me to watch the entire final season of One Tree Hill. And as much as I like the show, and as much as I wanted to watch the final season, I definitely like my sleep better.

Here's to hoping I can get at least four hours of solid sleep tonight!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The one with the Red Card

At Parker's pre-school they have a green card/red card system. The kids start out with a green card every day, if they do something they shouldn't they have to switch their card to red. If they have a red card at the end of the day they don't get a sticker.

One day I picked Parker up and his teacher told me he had gotten into a fight with his friend and they both ended up with red cards. I'm not sure who was more embarassed in this situation, me or Parker. Parker is a really good kid too, so it was that much more surprising to everyone in the situation. After a few discussions with Park, Eric and I decided we could use the whole concept of a red card to our advantage. Now in our house we have a green card/red card system. It gets talked about quite frequently, "You better stop that or you'll get a red card" or "Do you want a red card?" etc etc. It may seem weird, but it's a consequence he seems to understand better than "people won't like you if you act like that".

Keept his in mind as I go off on a tangent real fast.

When Eric and I first met I was startng a defensive driving course. Basically, it was court mandated. When I was a teenager I was a little into speeding everywhere I went. I doubt it helped much that I drove a red camaro, nothing like a sports car that is red to catch any police officer's eye . . . . and their radar gun.

BUT since we have been married, I haven't been pulled over once! Probably because I now have kids with me in the car and I don't want to hurt them by getting into an accident. Eric's been pulled over a few times but usually he gets off with a warning after this comment "Officer, here's my concealed weapons permit, I have a gun in the glove box, would you still like me to pull out my insurance and registration?" I can't use that excuse. If I told an officer there was a gun in the glove box they'd probably cart me off to jail since I DON'T have a permit.

Last Wednesday I had activity days. To get Parker into pre-school I had to switch my work days so I now work on Wednesdays. This was the first Wednesday that I was going to have to leave early to make it home in time for activity days. I ended up leaving way later than I intended - try getting three kids out the door on time for anything, it's ridiculous. Eric had also just had surgery that week and was not feeling great. I was on the freeway heading home, and i just kept getting stuck behind this semi, he didn't want to drive the speed limit. The guy next to him didn't want to drive the speed limit. They kept swapping who was in the lead, but neither one of them would get in front of the other enough that I could pass between them. When they finally did, I went for it, squeezed through the opening and speed around them. I know, I shouldn't speed, but I was in a hurry, and I just needed to get around these people.

Bad idea.

Usually I see the police. And usually it's in enough time that I can react and slow down to five miles under the speed limit, or check my speed really fast to make sure I'm doing fine. I keep reviewing this situation, and I STILL have no clue where this motorcycle cop came from. But he tagged me and pulled me over.

Clearly there is no divine protection offered against speeding home to get to a church calling. Words from the wise . . . . . or at least someone whose experienced it.

He was very nice, showed concern for my husband who had just had surgery, etc, so I couldn't even be mad when he came back with a ticket. The kids were a little confused what was happening, so I was trying to explain it to them.

Parker's response: "MOM! You got a red card!"

Those were also the first words he yelled at Daddy when we walked in.

Yes, I got a red card. And it cost me ninety bucks.