Family Picture

Family Picture

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The One with Winter Family Pictures

Did we just take family pictures six months ago? YES.
Did we need to take more? Maybe not
But did we anyways? SURE THING!

And why? Because Paxton now has hair and is moving around - which he wasn't before, and I am now almost a year post-baby which means in much better shape. . . .  as in I might actually be okay with people looking at the pictures with ME in them. Yes, yes, I am the normal woman who is self-concious . . . . strange, I know.

We had Katie Hardy a good friend I went to school with take these ones - she also took the last ones in May, the ones I loved so much I made canvases of and put up on our wall. They are that good! I think she does a great job, and I love these ones, and we had a hard time narrowing down the pictures to only four for our Christmas card.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The one with Mary J

Mary J. Marijuana. Hey Juan will you marry me?

Interesting that the legalization of Marijuana was one of the biggest things that came out of this last election - second, of course, to the re-election of our president. I think what concerns me most is this: with all the poverty, failing economy, people without jobs, people without health care, starving children, etc, how are we really SOOO concerned about marijuana?????

Is there anyone out there that will have the money to buy it anyways? Or am I really going to be paying for a family to be receiving food stamps while Mom and Dad use what little money they do earn buying pot to release their frustrations and hot box in the bathroom?

I've never used the stuff, I can say that. Partly because I'm not an idiot (ha ha). But mostly because it's against the law and because it alters your mental status, and my parents would kill me, and Jesus said no, and there are really an entire list of reasons.

I have absolutely heard all of the "PRO-Marijuana" arguments. My husband is from Portland, okay, it's not like we haven't gone this round with a million people. And while I am all for people doing whatever they want with their own body, I think too many people fail to recognize that almost nothing (maybe even nothing) we do actually only influences ourselves without affecting others.

I've heard this argument: "People smoke it anyways, we might as well make it legal." SERIOUS? You are absolutely right! My child craps in her diaper even though I tell her not to, I might as well not potty train her. People drink and drive even though it's against the law, we might as well not throw them in jail for it. People shoot up heroine anyways, we might as well give them a clean and sterile needle to do it with. This is known as the fallacy of perfection. And it is one of the biggest fallacies (bend in reasoning) we all depend on - seriously, just think about how much this example comes up in your life. If we can't stop all of it, we may as well not do anything at all.

Another one. "There's no way marijuana use will kill people like driving drunk does." Really? Is that something we can accurately measure? Are there actually polls out there that show that people who drive while high don't ever have an accident? Here's the most obvious counterargument for that one. Say someone you love, maybe even a child was in a car. Say they were hit by another car, and this person died. You are grief stricken, and upset, then the police tell you the person driving the other car was high. I have a hard time believing that is NOT going to make you upset. I have a hard time believing you would not push for that person to go to jail for driving while under some sort of mind altering drug. Because that's what it is. YES it absolutely slows your reflexes - the whole purpose in smoking it is to feel like you don't have a care in the world. Does that sound like a person attentive at the wheel to you? And the idea that the number of people driving while under it's influence won't increase is absolutely nuts! Marijuana consumption of ANY kind was illegal before. OF COURSE PEOPLE stayed at home when they were high, it was the easiest way to conceal the fact that they were doing something illegal! I guarantee the number of people pulled over under the influence of marijuana increases in these states.

I think the thing that honestly makes me the most sad is seeing where our country is going. I am now starting to see what our grandparents talk about when they say things like "In our day, that would never have been acceptable." Why is it that things that have been inherently labled as wrong from birth are now changing. Now I'm the bigot because I believe in the sanctity of marriage, and preserving life, and God in our country! Fifty years ago someone having an abortion was abhorant, and now I'm supposed to be okay with it because why? What changed? Some years passed?

I have many family members who are in same-sex partnerships. I love them, and I love their partners. Its a tough one for me for sure. But I am just finding it depressing that now because I carry the same values and beliefs that have been passed down from generation to generation, I am a terrible person. Why have the tables all of a sudden turned?

The One With the Election

Well this is it! Yes, a ranting political post - only slightly less ranting, and maybe less political so much as my personal beliefs. Why can I do this here? Because here you come to hear what I have to say, not what a milion friends have to say like on Facebook . . . . and you know what, for the most part I kept my views off Facebook statuses. Why you may ask? Because I hate that every person uses it as a way to say every dang thing that is on their mind. Tell me about the truly awesome (and sadly terrible) things that happen to you! PLEASE! Tell me in quick, short, succinct sentences about those things . . . . but really, I don't need to see pictures of your dinner, or hear detailed stories about changing a diaper on facebook - that's what I stalk your blogs for.

Soap box done.

Or at least that soap box.

It is Thursday. The elections were on Tuesday. Honestly, I'm not surprised with the outcome. If you like Obama, this is probably the part where you should stop reading. I don't mean Obama as a person, as a person I think he's great, but as my country's leader.  . .eh not so much. Eric and I were talking about the elections (forever) last week and he was asking me who I thought would win.

WHY? He asked me.

Because as members of the church we know that things are going to get ape crazy before the second coming. I didn't see things getting too crazy under Romney, so I figure it's gotta be Obama who makes it into office. I don't even so much think this was a win for Obama, as much as I think it was a win for the MEDIA. Seriously! Can they swing things anymore? Can there be just one single station who can report BOTH sides of the equation instead of picking and choosing the stories they want that paint their party in the best light?? I mena come on! I posted a status on Facebook about two weeks ago that pretty much sums it up.

We were watching Fox News when "BREAKING" news came out about how the Obama administration knew what was happening in Benghazi the entire time the ambassdor was missing, the entire time two Navy Seals killed 88 of 200 terrorists before they were killed themselves, and the entire time that it was indeed a terrorist attack and NOT the result of some stuipd YouTube video (don't even get me started on THAT one, how stupid are we the American people to fall for that one?). I am well aware that Fox News, though strikingly less bias than other stations, has a bias. So Eric and I, after watching what they had to say for a few minutes, switched over to CNN to get the "other" side of the story. You know what we saw? DL Hughley (a black comedian) talking about why he hates Romney.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? That's all CNN can come up with, a comedian to tell me who I should vote for based on his personal preferences not at all founded on political beliefs???? What makes me more upset is that I know too many American citizens fall for this kind of crap. Stop being sheep! BAAAA!!!!! Stop going someplace because some comedian, actor, friend, parent told you to. And that includes Republicans. I don't want republicans voting republican because their mommy told them to, find out for yourself. It's just like in church - be TRULY converted! Don't base your ideas and practices off your parents, have them because you KNOW them to be true.

Anyways, back to the media. They did a bang up job of covering what they wanted to, glorifying the minor things, and painting anyone they didn't want elected as a terrible, woman hating, mogul tycoon tyrant. Good job media, I'm glad to know that Matt Lauer who makes 10 million dollars a year has dooped all the people in this country making less than $40,000 into believing he knows what's best for them. And for the record, I am a subjective enough person that I am not saying these kinds of things because the candidate I wanted wasn't elected, I'm saying them because I want the media to be unbias, and report both sides. Even if there are things about Romney that aren't favorable (which we heard of) and even about Obama (which apparently there was nothing).

I keep thinking, was that it? Was that our warning? We know what the pride cycle is, are we now going to get a smashing humbling experience thrown down on our entire country? I look at New York and wonder, MAN is that what this is about? Is there so many unrighteous people or people who need humbling that this has to happen? I'm not saying everyone is, I know TONS of people on the East coast who are amazing individuals, I am just starting to wonder if the amazing peopel are being swallowed up by the idiots.

I can say that I am acutely aware of how incredible the resolve of the American citizen is. Even with unemployment rising, and terrible things happening, even with a President I don't personally believe is fit to run this country, I do not believe we will topple to the earth. This land is full of incredible people, with amazing work ethic and beautiful spirits, I am grateful for all of them that help to keep this nation moving and producing regardless of the financial bind we find ourselves in.

For that I can say, I am excited for the next four years. No doubt there will be some large trials, but once I am on the opposite side of four years, I know I will be able to look back, and will have grown so much, matured ten fold, and have experiences that make me a stronger mother, a more compassionate wife, and an incredible person.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The One with 200+ Kids

Two Sundays ago (I'm falling way behind in the blogging world) Parker had his Primary Program in church. One of my good friends is the Primary President, and it wasn't until that program that I realized HOW big of a calling that was. I mean, it's always a big calling, but we have over 200 children in our ward - that's a lot of kids to put into a program, herd all over the place, keep quiet, and teach. I was VERY impressed with what a wonderful program it was, and Parker did AMAZING!!! He is turning into such a little man - complete with singing through barely moving lips. He is pretty cute!