Family Picture

Family Picture

Saturday, September 29, 2012

The One with the Carpal Tunnel

Monday September 24th Eric went in to get his hand chopped off.

Well not literally, although Parker was super excited to see daddy come home with a hook. But it didn't happen. In his right hand he had carpal tunnel as well as a cyst at the base of his thumb where it meets up with the arm's long bone.

The surgery center was sadly (and unbeknownst to me) owned by West Valley and only furthered my hatred towards them. I guess I should correct that. I don't hate them. The doctors appear to be competent, but the administration aspect is just off.

Anyways, I don't even want to get into it, I just get angry. The good news is he got in and out ALIVE and with all of his appendages. I also got an amazingly hilarious video of my drugged out of his mind husband on the way home. If you haven't already seen it, you should check it out on Facebook, I promise it is worth the 12 minutes of your time.

And now about 5 days later, Eric is doing okay. He's sore, A LOT! And I think he's getting a little over not being able to use his dominant hand to do anthing like do his hair or brush his teeth - and I can't lie and say I am not looking forward to the day when Eric can help out by changing diapers again here and there.

I'm sure the process will be slow, but we are looking forward to it being over . . . . just in time for the other wrist to be done! MAN! Employer insurance was super amazing though again, looks like we won't be paying more than $300 for it total, which I am ecstatic about! He keeps talking about "when I graduate and leave to go [somewhere]" and I'm just like NO WAIT DON'T LEAVE! But we will find a way to survive I am sure!

The One With the Frenulum

Since coming home from Sun River our life has resumed it's normal craziness. Monday we went back into work. Tuesday Parker had school and then we all bombed out to Paxton's last oral therapy appointment before his therapist leaves to have a baby. She cleared him as good to go for about three months before he will have to come back in. Wednesday back to work and scouts. Thursday Parker had school then head out to Paxton's ENT appointment to meet with the doctor about clipping his tongue.

I just have to say, for all my Idaho friends, if ever your child needs a pediatrict ear nose and throat doctor, get in to see Dr. Beck at Southwest Idaho ENT. She is incredible. She is the only peds doctor in the area, so she is super hard to get into, but she is amazing. Only crappy part is she is so amazingly awesome in the room, that she always runs HOURS behind. So we sat in the office for about an hour and a half AFTER our appointment before she came in. But once she was in, she looked and it was a no brainer - CLIP THE TONGUE. She said it was one of the tightest she had seen. Also to be cut - both frenulums. The frenulum is that little piece of skin that attaches your lip to your gum, clear up inside your mouth. They are typically way far up above your teeth - but Pax's come down inbetween his two front teeth, hence the large gap teeth! So three clippings will happen on October 10th. It should be awesome!

You know what IS awesome??? Employer provided health insurance. We went into Dr. Beck to get tubes put in Parker's ears, and it cost us three grand, our deductible, to get them in. I just got the pre-approval sent over from the doctor from the insurance company, we are paying them about a hundred bucks for this one. It is amazing! LOVE IT! After five years of paying five thousand dollar deductibles for everything under the sun, it is incredible having an insurance that helps out better.

So, the big day! OCTOBER 10th!

The One With Sun River

The second week of September the fam went and joined up with Eric's parents in Sun River, Oregon. Eric BEYOND LOVES this place. I think he will want to retire there. For everyone that grew up in Boise I could almost compare it with a McCall-type city . . . . only better? Yes, better! Way more locations, way more things to do in general and way more to do with kids. McCall is awesome, but it seems like unless you are there without kiddos, you're pretty limited. Sun River is awesome because you can actually bike EVERYWHERE! It was awesome!

We got up Saturday the 8th and drove up there, taking our dear sweet time, and then didn't drive back until the following Saturday. The kids didn't sleep well - or really at all. So the nights were a little tough, but the day time was spectacularly fun.

And now you can enjoy a mass barage of awesome pictures from our vacation. After our computer crashed a few months back, I'm super into making sure that all of the GOOD pictures are at least online somewhere so we don't lose them again! :)

I love this picture of Pax, just crawling around, stretching out in Burns where we stopped for a rest on the drive in.

 Papa took Parker and Preslie to feed the horses apples on one of our many bike rides.
 I have never seen so many deer in my life as I did on this trip, and definitely not in as close of proximity as I did here. There was this one time we were on a bike ride and stopped because there were two deer standing in the center of the path. We stopped to look at them and then realized that there were MORE deer - 10 TOTAL TO BE EXACT! Insane! Plus the deer loved our back porch for some reason - actually I know why. Eric's Dad LOVES to put out food for the "wildlife". He puts out nuts for the birds, corn for the squirrels, it makes it awesome because you can sit at the kitchen table and just watch a million animals eat all day long.

 Here are Parker and Preslie getting ready to go fishing. LOVE their faces, HILARIOUS!
 This picture got quite the comments on facebook, made me laugh super hard. I promise that although she looks like she is terrified, she was actually really excited to go. The kids got tired of saying "CHEESE!" in every picture so we were trying to come up with other things for them to say like "pickles", "Princess"< and I think she was saying "Dragon" in this one.
 Here is my proof! Super excited. She just needs her glasses and her "purse" to make her day.
 This picture of Parker just looks so GQ - like he should be wearing white shorts and boat shoes sitting on a sailboat somewhere. Just wait, he'll have another picture like this in 20 years.

 Pax mostly chilled with Mom and Dad in our boat with his super cute hat Grandma Lewis got him. AWESOME! Love his huge eye balls!

 Uncle Jeff was all prepared to come down and meet us to head with us to the High Desert Museum, which we would have loved. But long story short, some awful things happened back in Portland, enough to make me sick and lose hope in humanity, and he was unable to come down. We look forward to meeting him and the girlie friend on a trip they'll be making down here soon. So we all went to the museum together!

How many people have gotten to feed a deer???? Like literally, out of their hands, feed a wild deer?!?! Well, now I can say that our ENTIRE family has. The deer loved our porch and were always hanging out, it didn't take Eric's dad too long before he had them up eating out of his hand. This little mama had twin babies that were so tiny still and she came back almost daily and would eat a million apples, pears, corn, asparagus, celery, carrots . . . . anything we would give her.

In short, we had an awesome time. After that long away it's nice to come home but we had such a blast there it was almost hard to leave!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The one with the Tied Tongue

I thought I had already blogged about this, but when I took a second look, it doesn't seem like i did.

At Pax's six month check up his pediatrician (who is usally too conservative with our kids) said that he was dropping on the weight chart. He had been in the 50% when he was first born, but had been dropping, and was currently under the 10th percentile. I told her about how Pax wouldn't eat anything but his bottle. It's terrible. Like seriously. If you've ever tried formula, which I have . . . . completely by accident, you'd think that a kid would WANT to eat anything BUT that once they had the opportunity. But not Pax. Pax purses his lips and turns his head away from anything we put by his face. Spoons. Baby snacks. Even bottles filled with juice. He just wasn't eating anything but formula. She got a little taste of it when she tried to look in his mouth as part of his check up and he pursed his lips against the tongue depresser. So the pediatrician referred us on to a speech therapist.

Sounds funny to me. How can my six month old really need to see a speech therapist? Well we went to Elk's Rehab and met with Jennifer, who actually does nothing OTHER than teach kids how to eat. I had no idea that kids not eating was such a common thing. We've never had an issue with Parker or Preslie, so it surprised me a bit. But the therapist was saying that especially babies who have ever been on a feeding tube have a hard time learning how to eat and usually require a little intervention.

I honestly thought we'd be there once, she'd tell us things to do to fix it, and then we would be done. But I was wrong. The first time she just watched me feed him - or rather, TRY to feed him. Turns out this little man who LOVES to hold his own bottle and HATES to be fed while eating (but LOVES it any other time) also wants to be in control when he is eating. She suggested I give him his own spoon while I fed him. And I'll be darned - it totally worked! He is much better at eating now!

The other thing she said was, after putting his finger in his mouth, that his tongue was tied. Anyone know that is a legitimate thing? I totally thought it was just a figure of speech. If you put your tongue up behind your top teeth, that piece of skin that attaches your tongue to the bottom of your mouth - that's where it happens. Paxton's attaches too high up on his tongue. She said it was probably a reason why he wasn't so great at eating (ie always spits the stuff out), and that it would cause a big problem later in life when he started to try and talk, and an even bigger problem when he gets old enough to kiss people. LOL! SO FUNNY! She also told me that she could tell by the way I talk that my tongue is tied too. Interesting. . . .  . . although it's never bothered Eric.

So we have no been referred to an ENT, and he has an appointment in a few weeks to meet with the only pediatric ENT in Idaho to discuss untying his tongue. Our crazy kids. I swear we have seen every specialist there is!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The One with the Goose Egg

Ask my husband sometime about how crazy nuts I am about my grades. I don't know what it is. I was always a good student. I was on the honor roll most of the time. But let's face it, I was no valedictorian. I didn't spend my days nose in book, I quite frequently ignored homework to hang out with friends.

Since starting back to school though, I have been insane. I spend way too much time on my homework. Almost all of my teachers have mentioned that my work goes above and beyond. I have this sick desire to be able to put on my resume that I graduated with a 4.0 in my program, and I do the work to get there.

Two weeks ago was finals week. My two classes this time were Pathos of Pathology and Health Care Finance. By far my two favorite blocks of school. I LOVE that I am now getting into core classes, not focusing my energies and lame research papers week after week after week. The teachers in these classes were incredible, and engaging, I learned a ton. I had a solid A in each one of my classes going into the final.

I submitted my final papers in both classes two Sundays ago and can honestly say that for the first time I wasn't really worried . . . . . which was a relaxing feeling and change of pace. Monday morning my Pathos teacher had already graded my paper. She marked me down 25 points for things I can honestly say were ridiculous, ending my grade with a 93.6%. Now some of you may think "That's not so bad!" and in reality I guess it isn't. But it's bad because it would bring down my 4.0 for mark downs that weren't even legitimate. After some talking to the teacher (which I have never done before) she saw that she had just completely missed the parts of the paper she marked me down for not including. This whole process took about three days. And let me tell you, it wasn't an awesome three days. The idea of losing my 4.0 because a teacher was grading papers all through the night and just didn't read my paper well enough to see that I hit all the concepts I was supposed to was maddening.

But: CRISIS AVERTED! After talking on Friday and reviewing the paper together, she gave me credit, changed the grade and I was back to my 4.0.

My finance teacher was a little slower. By Saturday morning, she still hadn't posted final grades. Saturday evening I was on the phone with my sister when I decided to check out the class and see if grades were posted.

Log in.
View previous classes.
MESSAGE! YAY! Grades must be posted.
Grab final assignment.
And what do I see?

A mild profanity escaped my mouth. I'll be honest and own up to that. Nothing to bring down your GPA faster than accidentally submitting your PREVIOUS weeks assignment as your final. Nothing will bring it down faster especially when consdering the final is worth 1/4 of the grade!!!!!

She had written me an email "Crystal, I am honestly heart sick. It appears you submitted your final project resources instead of your implementing EMR powerpoint. I wish I could do something for you! You have, by far, been my favorite student."

CRAP! So the class I went into the final having a 98% in, I get to end by having a 70% in. Seems ridiculous that just 24 hours before I was concerned about the 93.6 I was ending up with in Pathos. So much for my 4.0.

Range of emotions for sure. I can honestly say that if you saw me at church Sunday morning and though man her eyes look puffy, that is why. I would be lying if I didn't say I cried. What a STUPID thing to bring down my GPA.

Don't think too bad on the teacher. Unfortunately they are required. They cannot accept the final even a day late for a deduction. And ont he one hand, while I wanted to ask for an extension citing my 4.0 as a legitimate reason to assume I had indeed done the assignment on time, I knew I couldn't accept a diploma having asked for special treatment.

So down goes the 4.0. And for something stupid no less. I am utterly speechless and heartsick over it. I always told Eric that I was working this hard in school because I wouldn't accept anything less than perfection, and that if I was to get anything other than a 4.0 I would have to feel like I had truly done something wrong. Well I did. I know this one was all on me. I'm not upset with my teacher. I'm not upset with the school. It sucks growing up and realizing you have to take responsibility for your own mistakes. And sometimes they come at huge costs.

It may seem ridiculous to be so upset about his. I mean, sure a 3.8 is still graduating with honors. but there is something that sounds so different about it. It's like turning 25 sounds so different than 24.

I'll get over it eventually. And honestly I graduate in October and move straight into the next program, at which point I can work towards a 4.0 again. But I am taking some time to be a little sad right now. Sad about getting my first goose egg on an assignment.

And sad because my teacher reviewed my final presentation and said I would have gotten a 100% on it.

You live you learn, you get burned, you move on.

I think clearly this means I have too much going on, and clearly it means I don't master it as well as I once thought.

The One with the Office Remodel Finish and More Potential

We really finished these quite some time ago. But honestly, life has been so hectic crazy that I didn't ever have the desk completely cleaned up where I felt like it would even look good to take a picture. But here it is, all done. Eric did the built ins - wich I feel like are quite spectacular. When the realtor came over and saw them she thought they were incredible, and was speechless when I told her they were Eric's handiwork. He did an awesome job for sure.

I did the paint. A compilation of a couple different ideas found on none other than pinterest itself. BUT the names for the clocks I did just finally do this last week. So I guess that's what the picture is for. It's not all done yet. I really wanted to do like 5-7 clocks, and I think the wall can handle that many, IKEA just only had three when we went the last time (Gasp, I know!) So we will work up towards that number I guess.

We also started the refinance process on our house this last week. Figured if we were going to stay here for a little longer, we may as well drop the interest rate so we can continue paying the same payment and lower the principal even faster. Did you know you can choose to refinance without extending your loan back out to 30 years? ME NEITHER! The things you can find when you talk tot he experts! It's crazy I tell you. It also lowers the monthly mortgage payment by about three hundred dollars. The plan is that we will either continue paying what we did before or throw it all in a savings account. When we go to rent, the bank wants to see six months of saved up mortgage payments. The lower monthly payment also means its more likely that we coudl rent the house for what our payment is every month.

Some other upgrades on the docket in the near future. The mortgage broker told us not even to worry about refinancing unless we were planning on sticking around for the next two years at least. I guess it's doable. Sure I'd love to be out faster than that, but if we could sell our house and make money off it, I would sure love that as well. Besides that we are breaking into the financial situation where we can make the upgrades and improvements that we want to. Which is awesome! So in the not so distant future we are putting in curbing in the front AND back yard. This is seriously a project. We put in a nice planter flowerbed around our entire fence last year, and have put plants and bark in this year. I think it's about 300 feet of curbing. But I think it will do a lot for the curb appeal of the house, and AMAZING things for the amount of wedding I have to do between our grass and flower beds. That guy is coming on Tuesday.

Eric and I have also been looking at new countertops and back splash. Nothing too fancy, because we are still concerned about a return on our investment, and I don't think our kitchen was that bad to begin with. But I just want something in there to lighten up the kitchen. So if you have any awesome kitchen ideas, let me know! I'd love to see 'em. Some day soon I'll get the kids room done too. Man I'm such a lame mom. I start the projects, paint and then move on. Lol. Michael's and Hobby Lobby are about to become my new best friends!

The One With the Real First Day

Parker's first day of school . . . . . and man were we SOOO much more prepared for it this time around. This time I didn't even try to jump in the shower before we left, just threw on some clean(ish) clothes and spent the time getting Parker up and ready, fed, and some cool pictures before he left. Eric even got to stick around since Thursday mornings he always heads in late to the office. AWESOME! Daddy got to participate in Parker's real first day of school.

Park did amazing. Wasn't even afraid. Went straight up to his teacher, found some of his friends from the neighborhood and church, and went in like a champ. So proud of him and the little man he is becoming. Sometimes he seems so old, and then other times he seems way too young to already be headed off to kindergarten. INSANE!

Once we get this new work and school schedule down I think we will really like it.

 Since the pre-school is just down the street from our house, I had a bad Mom moment and didn't even buckle in the kiddos. As long as we are going a few houses down, and driving less than 10mph, I just make sure they all sit clear back in their seats and don't buckle. Say what you will, it works for us. BUT . . . . clearly Pax is a little less likely to sit still in his seat. On our way back from dropping Parker off I turned around to talk to Preslie and saw this awesome sight! Pax. Turned around. Just chilling.